Top 5 Best Kegerators to Purchase in 2018 – Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

In recent times, the consumption of beer has reached to a whole new level as in every other party; the first thing that is served is a pint of beer. The craze for craft beer as well has become prevalent and the availability also has become pretty easy. With the inclination towards house parties, bringing and keeping a keg fresh inside your home isn’t an easy task. Hence, today we have lined up the best kegerators on the market to provide you with fresh, chilled, and energizing mug of beer with ease.

All the kegerators on our listing are really effective in storing and dispensing kegs by keeping them in a refrigerated environment. These make use of carbon dioxide to dispense the keg by applying pressure, which further allows for retaining the freshness of the contents and keep them carbonated for a longer period of time. So, whenever you need to have refreshing mug of beer, the kegerator keeps it ready for you! With so many brands marketing the kegerators, choosing one might indeed be a task; hence, this kegerator review will make your work a touch easy.

Best Kegerators Reviews

Danby Single Tap 5.2 Cubic Ft. Spotless Steel Home Beer Kegerator

All your buddies are going to consider you the finest party host having this fantastic freestanding single-tap keg cooler from Danby. This kegerator comes with a 5.2 cubic-foot storage capacity and its auto-defrosting facility; hence, is certainly an amazing product with stress-free preservation. This keg cooler comes with a carbon dioxide tank, the essential hardware, and machine-driven temperature regulator functionality. It further comprises of a long-lasting scratch-resilient work top comprising a solo beer tower faucet, chrome guardrail, and an appropriate drip tray.

Why Do We Recommend This:

  • Comprises of a 5.2 cubic foot capacity with auto-defrost function
  • Comes with a CO2 tank along with a mechanical temperature control
  • Offers a long-lasting scratch-resistant work top with single tap dispenser
  • The chrome guard rail and the convenient drip tray keep the spillage at bay
  • Equipped with caster wheels for easy and convenient portability

EdgeStar KC2000 Full Size Kegerator

Systemize a home-based or commercial distilling arrangement to dispense chilled draft beer making use of this advanced EdgeStar KC2000 Ultra-Low Temperature Kegerator. This kegerator comes with the capability of getting temperatures as low as 30s, turning them into the coolest of all kegerators available. It is suitable for veteran beer buffs searching for a dependable kegerator prior to splurging a large sum of money on any commercial piece, or the ones who are beginners. This kegerator brings in an excellent value since it combines a planned-to-fit refrigerator.

Why Do We Recommend This:

  • Capable to hold US standard ¼ and ½ kegs but not the oversized ones
  • Provides a temperature ranging from low 30s to the mid 40’s
  • Converts pretty easily to a refrigerator as and when you require
  • Comes with a convenient drip tray to catch the spillage & messes
  • Offers a protective metal floor plate for additional durability

Nostalgia KRS2100 5.1 Cubic-Foot Full Size Kegorator

For all those beer enthusiasts who want a full-size kegerator, this Nostalgia KRS2100 full-size kegerator is the best you may get on the market. It comes with a 5.1-cubic foot storage capacity, which is sufficiently enough to attend the thirstiest of parties. This kegerator comes with a spring-loaded tap or faucet that turns the beer dispensing procedure real easy. It further comprises of the American Sankey “D” dual tap arrangement and twin meter controller, which turns the flow of beer pretty smooth. This will further help you in adding a unique component to those backyard barbecues as well.

Why Do We Recommend This:

  • Comprises of a 5.1 cubic foot capacity ample for partying
  • Comes with a spring-loaded tap for easy pull & release function
  • Offers a American Sankey ‘D’ Double Tap arrangement for ease
  • The double meter regulator allows for smooth dispensing of beer
  • Provides you with a stainless steel removable drip tray for spillage

Keggermeister KM2800SS Full-Size Beer Kegerator

Appropriate for the home-based brewers or those beer enthusiasts, this full-size refrigerator is going to keep that craft beer ice-cold and avert it from becoming non-fizzy for nearly 3 months. It comes with a stainless steel tower and a chrome and black faucet that might be able to house a diversity of different-size beer mugs or glasses. The unit further comprises of a well-found counter-style top along with a chrome guardrail. The eye-catching black exterior permits this refrigerator to fit in pleasantly with virtually any home setting.

Why Do We Recommend This:

  • This full-size single-tap beer provides fresh beer for 3 months
  • Easily houses a pony keg, full-size keg, or two 5-gallon kegs
  • The kegerator comprises of an adjustable temperature control
  • Offers a 3-sided chrome guard rail about the top work surface
  • Comes with the smooth rolling casters for utmost portability

Kegco Kegerator Digital Beer Keg Cooler Refrigerator

For those who like hosting a house party for a bigger crowd, the Kegco K309SS-2 Draft Beer Dispenser with dual faucets comprises of every single feature that you would love to have in a kegerator cum refrigerator. These comprise of the digital temperature regulators, fan-driven cooling, and one among the broadest accessible temperature ranges. The Kegco K309SS-2 Keg Dispensers still possesses the customary Kegco specification like the detachable drip tray, smooth rolling casters, chrome guardrail, and comprehensive direct pull dispense arrangement for supplying nearly 2 D System native kegs at once.

Why Do We Recommend This:

  • Offers a digital temperature regulator with digital display
  • Provides the fan-forced cooling for super cool temperatures
  • The kegerator boasts the widest range of temperature on the market
  • Comes with a larger interior for accommodating 2 – 5 Gallon D System Kegs
  • Comprises of a premium keg tapping kit for D system domestic kegs

Personal Suggestion

With the conclusion of the comprehensive, brief, and informative analysis or review of the Top 5 Kegerators on the market, it might be real easy for all our users to choose one from the lot. All the kegerators that we have reviewed down here comprise of the best machinery as well as casing for the ultimate beer dispensing experience. Apart from that, the choices that we have enlisted here contain both dual faucet and single faucet kegerators as per the requirement may be. The 5 kegerators describes above come with different storage capacity out of which the customer may choose one that primarily suits their needs or requirements.


In any case, even after going through our detailed reviews, any customer is confused or jumbled so as to which kegerator they must opt for then they must go with our personal recommendation. The kegerator that we are going to suggest to our customers is the EdgeStar KC2000 Full Size Kegerator, which the model that has been quite prevalent on several online shopping websites owing to its advanced features.

This kegerator provides you with the chilled craft beer and keeps it fresh for months. Even after consuming very less electricity, this full-size kegerator provides you with the best cooling performance at this price tag. Further, it is a really worthy product since it combines a designed-to-fit refrigerator along with the commercial standard, NSF approved beer and air lines.

The Best Kegerator – Buyer’s Guide 2018

What are the Aspects to think about before Buying a Kegerator?

A kegerator isn’t like any other home or kitchen appliance for which you don’t need to ruminate much before buying. Therefore, you need to take your time and keep a few things in mind before purchasing a kegerator from the market. So, here we go about telling you about a few aspects to think through:

Capacity & Room

Instead of becoming really technical as far as consumer buying behavior, we must keep it really humble. We recognize the fact that you desire to buy a kegerator. However, do you actually possess space to house one, and where are you going to position it?

A kegerator needs to be at best as large as one keg, obviously, so you are going to require nearly 2 to 3 square feet of surface space (additional for a multi-keg arrangement). Several kegerators comprise of a draft tower on the top that might be able to provide the height equal to about 4 feet, so bear this in mind while searching for a place.

If we assume that we have found some space in the basement, garage, or the kitchen. Will it be that easily reachable? No one desires to be carrying a ½ barrel keg downstairs or upstairs, or steering it round close-fitting corners.

Important Tip: Ensure that the kegerator which you buy easily fits inside the space you select for placing it. Whilst we initially installed a kegerator in the office, the kegerator wasn’t intended to be fitted inside a parallel countertop. The outcome was that the outlet fan was bounded by the stand and couldn’t chill the fridge as it should be.

DIY or Purchase

As soon as you’ve discovered a nice space for your home-based draft beer arrangement, then you are going to desire to ruminate your choices. A majority of your verdicts are going to rely on your financial plan and whether you desire to buy an assembled kegerator or strategize on opting for a DIY conversion kit.

At the moment, there are quite a few brands that concentrate on kegerators for commercial draft beer arrangements and the home-based bar. Kegerators might be installed in line with a standing bar or counter or be freestanding. They also are available in walk-in cooler kinds.

Choosing the pre-fabricated option might signify a higher opening investment, but you are going to save the energy as well as the time of riding into a customary fridge or freezer and making use of any conversion kit. I mean to say that a few people are not that comfy with a Sawzall!

With that being said, a few people Sawz-all-the-time, and are at ease with the probable risks that go together with partly disassembling or cutting hovels in the appliances. The prospect to custom-build the keezer or kegerator that is completely unique might as well turn it worth the experiment.

Important Tip: I presently possess a fridge for my keg arrangement, but I haven’t put in any holes as yet. One day I might be going to by-pass to fitting a few faucets on its door, but up till then, it functions well in the way it is.

Draft Maintenance & Balance

A few craft brewer toiled a lot hard on that beer inside that keg for the people to offer it like a frothy mess through the murky beer lines with the incorrect pressure.

It is suggested that the draft beer lines should be cleaned using any caustic washing agent every 2 weeks and scrubbed using an acid to break up any “beer stone” that might be created with every 3 months.

Top Info: The beer stone, primarily known as calcium oxalate, is the same chemical complex that fabricates a multitude of kidney stones!

Line-washing and correctly balancing that draft system isn’t that tough to do. However, in case you desire a freshly-dispensed IPA lacking the effort, you may be more affluent rambling to the adjacent bar.

For the people who are willing to take on the accountability of remarkable draft beer at the comfort of their house, look into the Brewers Association Draught Beer Quality Guidebook for guidelines and directives to retain a good taste of beer!

Important Beer: Protection in the first place. The chemicals utilized for washing beer lines aren’t a joke! You must make sure that you are wearing the recommended protection while you are using them—generally durable rubber gloves along with the protecting eyewear.


It generally does make sense since we are talking about the kegerators, so kegs are certain to be considered. The contemplations for the keg portion of your arrangement dash on every single one of the aforementioned segments:

Capacity & Room: Not just do you need to ruminate about really stirring the keg to the location at which it requires to be, you must as well think through the number of kegs the kegerator is going to hold, which is going to rely on the shape and size of the kegs utilized.

DIY or Purchase: in case you are will like to DIY, recall to ruminate about what kind of keg couplers you require installing. Different kinds of kegs require different types of attachments to provide the needed heavens.

Draft Maintenance & Balance: You don’t require putting in a pond and anticipate that people are going to swim in case you never sanitize it. Nobody would like to drink that beer if it isn’t going to taste as it is ought to.

Whilst a kegerator is an ultimate home-beer status sign, similar to a majority of other stylish things, it needs some rumination and repeated maintenance. By considering or keeping all these aspects into your mind, you’re facilitating to make sure that your kegerator is going to be enjoyed every so often, and will expectantly familiarize others to the delights of home-based draft beer.

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