LIT Cooler Reviews

The LIT Coolers put in an innovative approach whilst manufacturing their products.  They dedicate an effort to syndicate the customary toughness and extended ice life we realize in a majority of the first-class rotomolded ice chests and augment a twist by mounting the LED lights striped about the liner that illumines the interior. There is moreover a clear central lid inset that permits the light to gleam through and be noticed even whilst the cooler is closed.

Additional features existing that we are accustomed seeing comprise of the marine-status lid latches along with the rubberized gasket closures, numerous carrying choices, a drain plug, and many other things.  They are available in the 22, 32, and 52-quart sizes and are obtainable in an extensive variety of colors and moreover might be stamped with a lot of your preferred sports team symbols, custom monogram choices, and Greek letters.  They have been crafted principally of plastic and rubber comes in at an exceptional price tag.

Insulation Capability

It looks as if the LIT Coolers have engaged the really prevalent and effective method verified by other brands by proposing products having dense, insulated roto-molded construction in amalgamation with enormous rubber gaskets.  This momentously diminishes the probable leak passages for the icy air to outflow and the dense gasket delivers a lot of squeezes. 

The latches are moreover amazing at offering a wonderful level of strength amid body and the lid, which actually thrusts down over the lining, providing it a solid seal.  Even though you also relish huge performance advantages by captivating this methodology, there is a combination of things worth noticing that is going to affect the overall performance.  The transparent insert, while really eye-catching and a huge trade point don’t protect cold air along with a sturdy body. 

Into the bargain, the size of the cooler is on the shorter side, with the biggest providing you with a capacity of 52 quarts. These average sizes are further vulnerable to temperature variations, predominantly whilst the cooler top is released.  This is slightly remunerated through the 4 LIT Ice Legs at the edges of the cooler, which assists in the enhancement of the ice life.  Everything syndicates for ice life of about 4 days according to our experiences.

Mobility and Durability

One more place that the roto-molded exceptional materials actually shine is in the durability classification.  The dense 2 ½” insulation walls are even more proficient of supervising usual deterioration in addition to the random drop or bump.  Like we have stated above, the marine-grade cover latch and giant gasket are moreover pretty strong and must last for several years deprived of any issue. 

One more agreeable selling point is the long-lasting hinge.  The joint of a cooler might frequently be one amongst the primary areas to watch out and you don’t require worrying about while opting for the LIT coolers.  Additionally, LIT backs up their goods, offering a 5-year limited guarantee on the ice chest and a covers the lights with the 1-year warranty.


We are accustomed to roto-molded cooler appealing an exceptional price and that isn’t any different in these ice chests. On the other hand, you further obtain an additional bump in the requesting price on account of the supplementary features existent on these coolers.  The outcome is a product this is fairly expensive, predominantly whilst bearing in mind its moderately low storage size.  This is certainly a distinctive cooler but you are going to be anticipated to pay profoundly for it.

Overall Rating

The LIT Coolers have truly impressed us owing to their stimulating approach to what might at times be a somewhat old product grouping.  The LED lights not just offer an obliging purpose but moreover appear prodigious and turn these ice chests show up.  The additional abundant features we are accustomed to perceiving in premium coolers are current additionally. 

Though, the LED lighting and related parts are provided at a price of a jiff of a bump down on the ice performance in addition to a knock up the requesting price.  With that being stated, the overall performance and toughness are still abundant for a majority people’s requirements and for everybody subsequently something truly exceptional then this might be the best cooler according to your needs.

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