The Photo Stick Review

No matter what you’re doing day-to-day, the best USB memory sticks are going to be a part of your essential kit. That’s why we compiled this list of the best USB flash drives, with a wide range of fantastic flash memory that’ll offer fast speeds, plenty of storage space and, most importantly, great value for money.

When we were putting this list together, we didn’t just look at the cheapest or smallest USB memory sticks, but also how much capacity these USB devices offered. In 2018, the best USB flash drives will carry huge amounts of data, from gigabytes of storage space to even terabytes!

The best USB memory sticks and flash drives also need to be dependable, so they don’t fail or break, making your data vanish into thin air. This means the best flash drives feature a strong build design. 

To help you choose which USB storage is right for you, we assembled this list of the best USB flash drives you can buy today.

About The Photo Stick

The Photo Stick has arrived to keep your pictures and videos, up to 60,000 of them, secure and safe in its memory. Having a backup is essential in case anything occurs to your main modem or hard drive, such as a commonly used laptop. You will need the mobile version of the PhotoStick if you wish to use it directly on your smartphones.

The Photostick comes with a built-in app that allows you to easily transfer all your media files in one simple step so you can rest assured that you have every memory safely guarded.


The Photostick only comes in three types of capacity: 8, 64, and 128 GB. The higher the number, the more pictures it can save. 8GB can keep up to 3,500 videos and pictures; the 64GB PhotoStick can reach 30,000 pictures and video, while the 128GB can archive a maximum of 60,000 pictures and videos. They all come with a standard USB entry.

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The Photo Stick Features:-

  • Easy To Use – Custom designed interface is easy to understand regardless of your computer knowledge!
  • No Software To Install – Simply plug ThePhotoStick into any Windows or Mac computer and it runs instantly!
  • Massive Storage – 128GB storage capacity – easily back up 60,000 photos and videos!
  • Removes Duplicates – Automatically filters out duplicates, only saving a single version to maximize storage space!
  • Backs Up Files Fast – Save hours of time searching – back up 1,000s of photos in minutes!

How Does It Work?

It only takes two steps to function. First, you plug it into an empty USB port on your computer. Then you simply hit “Go” once the built-in application automatically launches and you are done. Disconnect the PhotoStick and keep it somewhere safe.

The PhotoStick works for iPhone, Mac, iPad, Android, Windows, and more, as long as it has an available USB entry port and if you buy the mobile version. A Photo Stick backup is not necessary. You don’t have to download any extra software or applications.

Where to Buy The PhotoStick?

The PhotoStick should be purchased on their main website for best results. This is also the only way to keep the 30-day refund valid. You can purchase a PhotoStick at the following Link: 

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