10 Best Igloo Coolers For All Your Needs – Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

Do you often plan a party anywhere outside your house? Reviewed here are the Best Igloo Coolers, which are capable of keeping your drinks, cans, and bottles cool for a really longer period of time. Using these Igloo Coolers, it isn’t that tough a job to keep your foods and drinks to the icy cold temperature that you require. Read through this review as we are going to tell you all about the specifications of the Igloo Coolers and advantages that you can have while partying in the open with your friends or family.

Best Rated Igloo Coolers Reviews

Igloo Ice Cube Roller Cooler

The Igloo Ice Cube Roller Cooler is an outstanding model that comprises of ergonomic cube outline that turns the lifting of this cooler a bit easier whilst it has been kept on the ground owing to its telescopic handle, which allows you to wheel and move the cooler to where you have your party setup. The telescopic handle comprises of a push-button along with an effective locking feature. The cover of this cooler comprises of 4 distinct cup holders that have been shaped into the top.

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  • Ultratherm insulated body remains cool for a long time
  • Comprises of a push button for convenience
  • Comes with a locking telescopic handle
  • Offers durable wheels and reinforced tow handle
  • Provides a lot of ease while loading and unloading

Igloo 30 Quart Contour Cooler

This cooler from igloo offers a 30-quart capacity for your desired food & beverages so that you may take them outdoors for your event. It comes with an ergonomic curled back that clasps securely alongside your body while transporting the cooler. While it’s the phase to get it down, a modest but astonishingly operational Cool Riser facility raises the base marginally for airflow below and everywhere inside the cooler, keeping your food and beverages colder for a longer period of time.

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  • Comprises of an ergonomic curved back to carry the cooler
  • Comes with a Cool Riser feature for utmost cooling inside
  • It is really easy to transport owing to the molded side handles
  • The slotted lid over the unit offers easier stacking
  • Offers a limited one-year manufacturer’s warranty

Igloo Island Breeze Cooler

The Island Breeze Cooler from Igloo comprises of the finest and resourceful specifications and functions which have been transported to life by means of gallant, on the house shaping and ergonomic outline. Owing to the innovative Cool Riser expertise that Igloo offers, the cooling performance of this cooler improves pretty effectively by reducing surface exchange and permitting air to flow beneath, which makes cooling actually a breeze.

best igloo cooler


  • Comprises of a swing-up handle for comfortable one-hand transportation
  • The provided lid reserves to the tray and the cup holder
  • It has been designed effectively for simpler stacking
  • Cool Riser Technology to keep the foodstuff and beverages cool for longer
  • Amazing design of the cooler lets you transport it almost anywhere

Igloo 14.8 Quart Playmate Cooler

The Igloo 14.8-quart capacity playmate cooler comes with a patented tent shaped locking cover, which certainly helps the user a lot by keeping the foodstuff and beverages away from any sort of spillage and mixing. The diamond plate exterior of this cooler has been designed using the sturdy impact-resistant plastic, which comes with a rugged appearance as well as texture. The lid swings of the cooler opens on either sides for easier loading and unloading.

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  • Offers an ample 14.8-quart capacity to the user
  • Comprises of the patented tent-shaped locking lid
  • Easier to prevent any sort of spillage and mixing
  • Comes with an impact-resistant plastic with a rugged texture
  • The lid swing opens on both sides for added convenience

Igloo Profile 16 Quart Cooler

Igloo is a really prevalent brand that deals in several kinds of cooling gadgets and appliances. From its range of coolers comes the Igloo Profile 16-Quart Cooler, which offers a convenient bail handle that fold flat to the liner for easier stacking and storage. The lockable lid of this cooler comes with molded loops on the lid and the media slot has been molded into the lid, which holds your cellphone or notebook upright for hands-free viewing. In all, it is a pretty convenient model which you must buy.

best igloo cooler


  • Comes with a Cool Riser technology that improves the cooling performance
  • Comprises of a bail handle for easier stacking and storage
  • The media slot has been molded into the lid to keep your cellphone upright
  • Lockable lid has been molded on the lid and liner by adding a lock
  • Looks party-ready and can be transported to any outdoor event

Igloo Products Corporation Quantum Cooler

The effective and stylish cooler from Igloo was launched in the year 2014, named Quantum, which is Igloo’s fresh range of tough-sided coolers. This range offers a unique, contemporary design formed keeping the convenience of the user into mind. Having numerous inbuilt value specifications, the Quantum surpasses the outdated coolers owing to the bright appearance, valiant graphics, and combined pouring passages inside the liner, lockable covers, and cup holders that are self-draining.

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  • Comprises of a lockable lid with dry stacking compartment
  • It keeps you foodstuff and beverages well-hidden
  • The cooler offers 2 distinct self-draining cup-holders
  • Pretty comfortable to carry owing to the ergonomic curved back
  • Fits any sort of tall bottles or bottles with long necks

Igloo Ice Cube Cooler

Either it is chock-a-block sports ground or a silent turn on a river; transport your cold beverages and foodstuff along everywhere. The 12-quart capacity of this Igloo Cooler is capable of holding nearly 14 cans of soda. The cube outline offers greater cold preservation, and shaped corner feet enhance solidity. Inside the cover, there exists a dry section for non-perishable things and trimmings. The rounded design easily adapts to your body for stress-free transportation, and swing-up lever is comfy to clutch.

best igloo cooler


  • The cube geometry enhances the retention of coldness
  • Its molded corner feet augment a lot of stability
  • The dry-cover storage compartment of section holds your accessories
  • Comes with a curved back for easier transportation
  • The rigid swing-up handle is pretty comfortable while gripping

Igloo Quick and Cool Cooler

This cooler from Igloo is one of the most-stylish coolers that the company has ever manufactures from its inception. This cooler has been shaped using import-quality polyethylene which augments the cooling performance of this unit. Its ultratherm insulated body as well as lid keeps the ice for 7-days at 90 degrees Fahrenheit. Its fast-access hatch allows you to access the stuff devoid of any cold air escape. The reinforced swing-up handles comprise of an effective tie-down loop feature.

best igloo cooler


  • Manufactured using import-quality polyethylene
  • Comprises of a threaded drain plug for hooking up the hose
  • Keeps the foodstuff fresh owing to the stain and odor-resistant liner
  • Doesn’t allow the cold-air to escape through the fast-access hatch
  • Offers an ultratherm insulated body for keeping ice for 7-days

Igloo Iceless Thermoelectric Cooler

This Igloo Iceless Thermoelectric cooler keeps your foodstuff and beverages cool and fresh on-the-go devoid of any sort of mess and troublesomeness of ice or water being spilled inside your car. The iceless cooling capability of this cooler has been powered using the effective thermoelectric expertise. Owing to the cooler being iceless, it further provides you with even more space for keeping food and beverages. It comprises of an ergonomically designed back that clutches to your body for easier transportation.

best igloo cooler


  • Comprises of an 8-feet long power cord for portable usage
  • Offers a silent brushless motor for amazing performance
  • Provides convection cooling using a fan to circulate the cold air
  • The ergonomic design has a curved back that rests pretty comfortably on your back
  • Cools the foodstuff and beverages without using ice hence offers more space

Igloo 49271 Party-Bar Cooler

Your party is going to be on until the night owing to the Igloo Party Bar, which features the high-class LiddUp LED lighting arrangement that cliques the mood of the party and illumines the cooler’s interiors at the time of darkness. It allows your thirsty guests discover whatever they need and that too pretty quickly. It comprises of aesthetics that provide a channel for outdoor beer trunks of a customary Texas ice-house, this cooler is going to anticipate every single merry-making requisite.

best igloo cooler


  • Comprises of a fully-insulated body for long-lasting ice retention
  • Comes with 16 water-resistant LED lights that are heat-free
  • The LED lighting the party to continue even when the sun is absent
  • Offers heavy-duty locking casters on a removable base
  • Provides a convenient bottle opener and cap catch bins

Personal Recommendation

With that all being said, reviewed, and discussed we are pretty certain about the fact that our users would find it really easy and convenient to choose the finest Igloo Cooler from the Top 10 listing that we have provided above. All the Igloo Coolers that we have reviewed out her are all fabulous models using which you won’t come across any sort of problem or inconvenience in the future.

best igloo cooler

Even now, if there are a few customers that are experiencing any problem while choosing an Igloo Cooler for using at outdoor party events, then they may go with our personal suggestion. The Igloo Cooler that we would recommend to our users is the Igloo 30 Quart Contour Cooler, which is going to provide you ample space and capacity to stack and store the foodstuff and beverages with a whole lot of ease. This cooler is pretty convenient while you transport it from your place to the outdoor venue where the party has been organized.

Best Igloo Coolers Comparison Table

ProductPrice (in $)Capacity (in Quart)Buy Now
24.44 60
38.46 30
16.46 9
23.49 14.8
19.97 16
27.95 12
28.99 12
59.99 100
63.97 26
154.37 125

What Are The Things That A Buyer Must Consider Before Purchasing An Igloo Cooler?

​There are people who are unaware of the features and specification that they must look-for in a cooler and end up buying a cheaper and inappropriate cooler that doesn’t serve their need. Therefore, here we have provided you all the specs that one must consider while buying a cooler for partying outdoors:


Since with whichever cooler you consider on the market, the volume that it is capable of holding further plays a pretty vital role when it comes to making a decision on to which cooler they must buy. Having so many choices to select out of, it seems pretty safe to state that irrespective of the capacity that you require to transport your place to the party venue in the outdoors on a regular basis, there is going to be an alternative obtainable to perform that bit for you always.


At the end of the day, this needs to be one among the main contemplations for every single one of the best Igloo coolers. While it comes to considering the quality, even though it is an incredible worth, you might not surely be content with an artifact that doesn’t provide you with the type of sustainability and sturdiness you were on tenterhooks for.


Every cooler has its own individual features and specifications on offer. Whilst there are probably a swerve of suitable specs obtainable for every single one of the above listed choices, the design and functionality of a few out of the provided choices are going to charm further to your mind as compared to other people. Therefore, this must most definitely play a noteworthy role so as to which model you choose in the end.

So, these were the features as well as the aspects that one-must consider while they are on the market to purchase the best Igloo Cooler so that they can party for a pretty long time with their friends and family while being outdoors.

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