Top 10 Best Orca Coolers To Buy in 2018 – Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

Do you often go out for tailgating or long weekend trips? Here we have reviewed the Best Orca Coolers available online on the market, which are going to help you make the most of your trips and have loads of fun with and abundance or foods and drinks for your party. These coolers are going to keep your beverages, juices, cans, and other drinks plus the food chilled and preserved for a long duration of time with its sturdy and effective rotomolded construction and immortal quality of insulation.

Apart from all that, this American brand provides you with the most advanced features along with a large consumer base. Buying any of these Orca cooler, you would definitely get the best cooling performance along with an ice retention that will take you by surprise. So, go through the reviews that we are going to provide below and make the best choice as far as purchasing the best cooler online is concerned.

ORCA 26-Quart Navy Cooler

This 26-quart roto cooler from ORCA is a long-lasting and really durable model that gives you the most desirable features for a reasonable price. Having the roto-molded construction, this cooler is going to provide you with the best cooling performance. The cooler has been manufactured in the USA, and is going to preserve the ice, foods, and beverages cold for a time period of around 10 days. Further, this cooler comes in with the legendary lifetime warranty that tells you about the quality of the brand.

best orca cooler


  • Offers a 26-quart capacity ample for short outdoor vacations
  • Manufactured with the durable rotomolded construction
  • Comes in with the integrated insulation for upmost ice life
  • Covered with a comprehensive lifetime warranty
  • The devoted cargo net permits even more storage inside

ORCA 26 Cooler University of Florida

This ice chest or cooler from ORCA is a really eye-catching and prevalent model from its range of rotomolded coolers. This cooler has been manufactured having the color or tints of the University of Florida flag which makes this cooler really desirable for the students doing courses in the university. Owing to the rotomolded construction and the integrated insulation, this cooler guarantees ice retention of about 10 days if not max.

best cooler online


  • Comes in with an appropriate storage capacity of 26-quarts
  • Designed pretty durably to withstand any kind of wear & tear
  • Rotomolded construction makes it ideal for use as a seat
  • Comprises of the legendary ORCA lifetime warranty
  • Offers maximum ice or cold retention of nearly 10 days

ORCA 75 Seafoam Cooler

This 75-quart cooler from ORCA offers the most remarkable performance as far as both cooling and storage capacity is concerned. Using this cooler, you might be able to plan a week-long trip or a long weekend trip with your family. The seafoam color of this cooler makes it really trendy and fashionable. The legendary lifetime warranty that ORCA offers will definitely tell you about the quality of these coolers and also with the 10 days ice life they provide.

best orca coolers


  • Offers both durability and class to the customer
  • Rotomolded construction augments the cooling performance
  • The most remarkable indoor insulation to prevent faster melting
  • Provides an effective ice-retention of near about 7-10 days
  • The linked-in cargo net provides increased storage capacity

ORCA 58-Quart TP0580RCORCA Cooler

This ORCA Cooler comes in from its range of roto-molded coolers and comprises of a capacity of 58-quart that is appropriate for a long weekend trip, tailgating, and fishing. This cooler might as well be utilized as an outdoor-kitchen appliance or accessory. This cooler has been designed and constructed in the United States of America and offers the best quality within the overall cooler market. It is pretty easy to make use of and carry from one place to another.

best orca cooler online


  • This is an import-quality cooler with advanced features
  • Ensure the freshness of the stocked food items for long
  • A genuine USA-made product and provides lifetime warranty
  • Comes with flex-grip handles for comfortable carrying
  • Comprises of a lid gasket to make sure the box is sealed perfectly

Orca ORCW040 40QT WHT Roto Cooler

This 40-quart white cooler from ORCA is the model that offers an ideal storage space that is suitable for your outdoor voyages and adds-in a lot of comfort and ease. This cooler comes in with the roto molded construction that augments the perfect durability to the ice chest. The cooler comprises of cohesive insulation arrangement to offer utmost cold temperature preservation. The cooler is suitable to retain the ice for nearly 10-days and comprises of a stress-free flow drainage spout to avoid spillage.

best orca cooler online


  • Comes with a lid gasket to ensure ideal sealing
  • Provides additional storage with the cargo net attachment
  • The lifetime warranty tells the customer about its high-quality
  • An ideal outdoor-kitchen appliance or accessory
  • Provides maximum ice retention of nearly 7-10 days

ORCA ORCG140 Cooler with Extendable Flex-Grip Handles

With the abundant 140-quart storage capacity, this cooler is suitable for a long-weekend trip with your family and friends altogether. This cooler has a really long-lasting rotomolded structure and comes in with an incorporated insulation for supreme ice retention or ice life. It further keeps those stowed items fresh for a period of around 10 days and the lid gasket makes sure that you get an ideal seal. The easy-flow drainage stream keeps you away from any sort of spillage.

best orca cooler online


  • Comprises of an effective 140-quart storage capacity
  • Provides utmost durability as well as steadiness
  • The roto-molded construction keeps the ice there for longer
  • Ensures a perfect seal owing to the lid gasket
  • Ideal for portage owing to the extendable flex-grip handles

ORCA BW058ORCORCA 58-Quart Cooler

Every single cooler from ORCA has been framed using the roto-molded construction within America’s centers. These coolers are completely lockable and go together with a comprehensive lifetime warranty. They comprise of first-class insulation that retains your beverage cans cold and offer a decent ice-retention. The padded transporting handles turn it stress-free to carry the cooler from your place to where the event is or even to your vehicle for the trip.

orca coolers to buy online


  • Get closer to astonishing benefits with ORCA coolers
  • Comes with the easy flow drainage spouts to avoid spillage
  • Comprises of extendable flex-grip handles for tandem portage
  • Offers an amazing ice life or retention of up to 7-10 days
  • Provides an ideal 58-quart capacity for those extended outdoor trips

ORCA Red 20-Quart Cooler

This ORCA 20-Quart Cooler is a really compact cooler, which is appropriate to keep the amount of food and drinks for short trips or individual getaways. The red peripheral of this cooler is really eye-catching and look really trendy as well as fashionable. The rotomolded construction that every single ORCA cooler comes with provides really effective ice or cold retention to the user. Apart from all this, the lifetime warranty from ORCA further gains the trust of the customers.

orca cooler online


  • Red exterior looks really stylish and chic for your voyage
  • Long-lasting rotomolded construction for utmost cooling
  • The effectual indoor insulation offers advanced ice retention
  • Get additional storage for your items with cargo net attached
  • The 20-quart capacity is ideal for tailgating and fishing alone

ORCA 75-Quart Bone Collector Cooler

This amazing ORCA 75-quart cooler in the Bone Collector modes comprises of a vibrant exterior that is going to provide a really good company to your luggage. The look of this cooler is really remarkable and catches the eye of every single friend or family member of yours. It further has been crafted with the rotomolded construction strategy which makes it durable as well as long-lasting. The incorporated insulation of this cooler further provides it an amazing ice retention.

best online coolers


  • Comes with a 75-quart storage capacity for long trips
  • The rotomolded construction augments durability and strength
  • Comprises of an integrated insulation for maximum ice life
  • The legendary lifetime warranty form ORCA boasts its quality
  • Offers really vibrant and trendy exteriors for a trip with friends

ORCA NWTF 40-Quart Cooler

The ORCA NWTF cooler has a storage capacity of 40-quarts that is ideal for any long-weekend trip together with friends or family. The pink exterior of this ice-chest or cooler is going to be ideal for girls who love to hang-out with their friends outdoors or on the beach. This cooler also comprises of the lid gasket that doesn’t let the cold temperature of the interiors to escape outside. The rotomolded construction provides the much-needed durability to the cooler.

best orca cooler


  • Offers both durability and power to the cooler
  • Rotomolded construction provides utmost ice retention
  • Comes with an appropriate and much-demanded 40-quart capacity
  • Covered by a legendary lifetime warranty from ORCA
  • Stock your cooler with more stuff using the attached cargo net

Personal Recommendation

As of now that we have reviewed all the above listed ORCA coolers, it is going to be really stress-free and effective for the users to choose the cooler of their requirement and need. All the ORCA coolers in our Top 10 Listing are offering the much-needed rotomolded construction that augments amazing ice retention and fabulous cooling performance. Owing to the advanced insulation casing, these coolers tend to offer an ice life of nearly 10 days to the user on a long trip.

best orca cooler online

Further, in case there is any customer who is experiencing trouble while choosing the Best ORCA Cooler from the reviewed coolers in this article, then they may readily go with our personal suggestion for sure. The ORCA cooler that we are going to recommend to our users is the Orca ORCW040 40QT WHT Roto Cooler, which is an ice chest that is going to provide you with an appropriate storage capacity at a really decent and reasonable price. Additionally, the price on which this cooler is being sold might not be found in any model that is offering a lifetime warranty to the user.

The Best 10 Orca Coolers Comparison Table 

Product NamePrice (in $)Capacity (in Quarts)Buy Now
199.99 26
299.99 26
349.99 75
301.88 58
239.88 40
399.99 140
338.13 58
239.99 20
489.99 75
389.99 40

Moreover, if any customer is searching for an ORCA Cooler having an abundant storage capacity, then the ORCA ORCG140 Cooler is going to be the best option you can get online for that price. With that hefty storage capacity, you will be capable of planning those long weekend or the weekend long trips for your family and friends. Apart from that, you can also arrange a beachside party with your large group of friends.

What all does the ORCA Coolers Provide Their Consumer With?

The Orca Coolers are the majorly prevalent top cooler brands there in the market as of now.  They yield a really forthright attitude in their construction and don’t offer several additional features or specifications that a few other companies provide. 

On the other hand, their methodology has been recognized and they have faith that the amalgamation of their amazing performance, in addition to very exceptional color selections, is going to turn them into a worthy contender.  They are obtainable in 20, 26, 40, 58, 75, and 140-quart units.

Insulation Capability

The ice retention here is amazing for the premium coolers.  The mixture of roto-molded structure, king-size food-graded lining, and strong squeeze credits to the augmented T-latches outcomes in numerous days of ice retention irrespective of the model that you opt for.  As it stands usual, the superior coolers incline to have extended ice retention.  You might as well suppose anywhere from near about 48 hours till 200 hours of ice retention reliant on the model that you choose.

Mobility & Durability

For transportation, you have the customary easy-grip handles on both the sides of the cooler but gears like the spread out handles, wheels, etc. are absent.  Significantly, the mere exclusive addition Orca Coolers have is the web netting on the rear side of the cooler.  We are actually fond of this feature but we only desire Orca is going to embrace a bit more! 

There are a few supplementary accessories that you might purchase distinctly but it certainly increases the previously high price.  Whilst it lacks some features, Orca coolers are really strong.  All constituents have been made up of first-class materials and are prudently brought together.  Orca further gets behind its coolers range owing to the limited lifetime warranty.

Visual Appeal

Apart from the precast T-latches that are similar to the logo of Orca, there isn’t a lot in case we consider the aesthetics of the construction.  On the other hand, where Orca gets away their rivalry is in their massive selection of color selections.  Almost every color below the rainbow is available for a deal in addition to tons of dissimilar designs and even several of your preferred sports teams.  For us, this aspect beyond does the job for what might else be a really uninteresting design.


There actually is no approach round it: the Orca Coolers are really expensive.  This might be anticipated in the superior cooler range but Orca wanders in the direction of the real tip-top in case you choose to opt for one of their premium color units.

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