Top 10 Pelican Cooler For Keeping Things Chill – Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

Do you like organizing outdoor parties on the weekend? Reviewed here are the Best Pelican Coolers that you can buy and bring a new life to those backyard parties that you deliver on the weekend. Pelican is a company that has a wide range of cooling products that are pretty sturdy and offer the best cooling for your foods and drinks.

So, if you like to have a couple of drinks on those parties, these coolers are going to help you keep those drinks, juices, and other beverages cool all throughout the duration of your party. Listed below are the Top 10 Pelican Coolers which will have something for every single user out here to match their individual requirements and needs.

Pelican ProGear 35QT Elite Cooler

This 35-quart cooler from pelican provides the finest ice retention you might be able to find on the market. It comprises of the Injection Molded Swing holders comprising of the over molded grip. The casing of this cooler is resilient to ultraviolet rays owing to the durable rotomolded exteriors. This cooler has been manufactures in the USA and offers an unconditional lifetime warranty offering a decent storage volume to keep your outing with friends joyous.

best pelican coolers

Why we recommend it

  • Comes with Rotomolded construction to keep ice for long
  • Offers a lifetime unconditional warranty to the user
  • The capacity of the cooler is ideal for outing with family
  • Comprises of Injection Molded Swing Handles for carrying
  • Provides the best-in-class ice retention for outdoor parties

Pelican Elite 95 Quart Cooler

Whether it is an outdoor house party or a long voyage with your friends and family, this 95-quart cooler going to keep your foods and beverages cool for a really longer period of time. The 2-inch of polyurethane insulation inside the cooler offers amazing ice retention couples up with the 360-degree freezer kind of gasket. It further offers a leak-proof drain plug to drain the water along with non-skid rubber feet. Above all, it comes with the legendary lifetime warranty from pelican as well.

best pelican coolers

Why we recommend it

  • Offer a true 95-quart storage volume to the user
  • Comes with a freezer-grade gasket and polyurethane insulation
  • Provides an amazing ice retention for around 9-10 days
  • Comprises of stainless steel bottle opener for convenience
  • The non-skid rubber feet keep the cooler balanced

Pelican ProGear 45QT Elite Cooler

This vibrant dark yellow colored Pelican cooler is a beauty as far as the exteriors are concerned. Coming to the specifics, this cooler provides fabulous ice-retention of up to 10 days in normal settings owing to the 2-inch polyurethane insulation that has been coupled up with the freezer-grade gasket. The hinged and molded-in handles offer a lot of convenience to the user while being carried from one place to another. This cooler has also been covered with the lifetime warranty from Pelican.

best pelican coolers

Why we recommend it

  • Comprises of press and pull latches for gloved use
  • The dual handle system makes carrying the cooler easy
  • Provides of a sloped drain to get the melted ice out
  • Offers an ultimate 10-days ice retention for long trips
  • Comes with the anti-corrosive stainless steel hardware

Pelican 150-Quart ProGear Elite Cooler

Take home the extreme ice retention buying this 150-quart cooler from Pelican that has the capability to keep you beverages, drinks, and food cool for even a week-long vacation. The front of this cooler comes with 3 press and pull latches, which allow you to open the cooler even while you wear gloves. The molded-in tie downs further make this cooler convenient and the lifetime warranty of this user further assures the user that the product being bought has some real quality for sure.

best pelican coolers to buy online

Why we recommend it

  • Comprises of freezer-grade gasket and polyurethane insulation
  • Provides molded-in tie downs and press-pull latches for ease
  • The capacity is ample to keep food and beverages for a long trip
  • Comes with an ice retention of around 7-10 days in normal settings
  • Offers the legendary lifetime warranty from Pelican to the user

Pelican 65-Quart ProGear Elite Cooler

The ProGear Elite range from Pelican is a wide-ranging collection of high-quality coolers that might be able to provide you with the best-in-class ice retention of up to 10 days within standard settings. Thus has been accomplished owing to the 2-inch polyurethane insulation which has been coupled up with the freezer-grade gasket. It comprises of the wide press-pull latches that turns it pretty easy to open while you are wearing gloves.

best pelican coolers

Why we recommend it

  • Offers dual molded-in and hinged handles for utmost ease
  • Open with gloves on owing to the wide press-pull latches
  • Comprises of molded-in tie downs and hasps with steel plate
  • Provides a sloped drain with threaded plug for garden hose attachment
  • Comes with up to 10 days of effective ice-retention performance

Pelican 80 Quart Wheeled Elite Cooler

Manufactured to makes things easier, the Pelican 80 Quart Wheeled Elite Cooler comprises of long-lasting wheels so that you are easily able to move it anywhere you want. This Pelican cooler offers you immense storage capacity at 80-quarts and further provides an effective ice-retention of up to 10 days in standard settings. It comes in with an inbuilt trolley handle with molded-in arrangement. To keep the cooler steady, it has non-skid as well as non-marking raised feet.

best pelican coolers

Why we recommend it

  • Offers press-pull latches for easier access
  • Comes with an inbuilt trolley handle with molded-in handles
  • Molded-in tie downs for added convenience
  • Comprises of non-marking and non-skid raised feet
  • Provides effectual cooling with 2-inch polyurethane insulation

Pelican 250-Quart ProGear Elite Cooler

With this 250-Quart Pelican Elite Cooler, now you will be capable of planning those long weekend trips or a week-long journey without any problem whatsoever. This cooler with its amazing stocking capacity is going to store all your foods and beverages that you need to keep cool during your trip. Owing to the extreme ice retention performance, those who would like to sneak out a chilled can of beer at any point of time during the trip can do so without any hassle.

best pelican cooler

Why we recommend it

  • Comprises of flush mounted molded and under the lid handles
  • Offers extreme ice retention for long weekend trips
  • The press-pull latches of this cooler offer easier access
  • The freezer-grade gasket further enhances the performance
  • Comes in with the fabulous Pelican lifetime warranty

Pelican Elite 70 Quart Cooler

The products from pelican have secured emergency, defense, and scientific expedition apparatus from various harsh settings available on Earth ever since 1976. This is the same what you get from the range of Pelican Elite Coolers. When you are down to consider the performance, durability, and ergonomic designs, then the just passable units aren’t any closer. Therefore, the Pelican Elite 70 Quart Cooler achieves the superior standards by being stronger as compared to any icebox.

best pelican cooler

Why we recommend it

  • Offers an exact 70-quart storage capacity to the user
  • Comes covered with Pelican’s amazing lifetime warranty
  • Comprises of the molded handles along with tie-down slots
  • Provides an integrated measuring board on the lid itself
  • The anti-shear hinge system to resist lateral load

Pelican Elite 20 Quart Cooler

From the range of Pelican Elite Coolers comes this 20-quart cooler, which is a model that has been aimed at the users who doesn’t require stocking much inside their cooler. These coolers are ideal companions to carry to your workplace or while you are alone on the move. Even though these coolers are small yet they pack a punch owing to their rotomolded construction and the extreme ice-retention. The quality of the cooler can be discovered by the lifetime warranty that the company offers.

best pelican coolers to buy

Why we recommend it

  • At 20 quarts, stock 15 cans of beer or 3 large wine bottles
  • Comprises of an active 2-inch polyurethane insulation
  • The freezer-grade gasket offers 3 day ice retention
  • The 3-inch locking hatches doesn’t let any heat inside
  • Comes with 4 self-draining cup holders for convenience

Pelican Elite 45 Quart Wheeled Cooler

As we can often experience, carrying or transporting the coolers offering bigger capacities is a really tough task to perform. Therefore, the Pelican 45-quart wheeled cooler, comprises of tough and long-lasting wheels so that you are easily able to carry it to the site where the event is being organized. The molded-in handles along with the inbuilt trolley handle offers a lot of convenience to the user. The other features that you get with this cooler are the 3-inch locking latches, stainless steel bottle opener, molded tie-down slots, and reinforced lockable hasps.

pelican coolers online

Why we recommend it

  • A sufficient 45-quart internal volume for tailgating
  • Offers an ice retention of up to 10-days to the user
  • Provides a stainless steel bottle opener for the beer fans
  • Comprises of a leak-proof drain plug for letting the water out
  • The non-skid rubber feet avoids any movement of the cooler

Personal Suggestion

As the overall reviewing and analyzing process has been done and dusted, we distinguish that now it is going to be really easy and comfortable for our users to choose the pelican cooler that best matches their needs and requirement. Here in this listing, we have provided all the storage capacities that a user might be searching for so as to get the things done with ease. The features that have been offered by these Pelican Coolers are really effective and aren’t false promises by any means or modes.

best pelican coolers

In case, there still are a few users that are finding it tough to select which Pelican Cooler they must opt for, then they must go with the personal recommendation provided by us. So, the Pelican cooler that we are going to personally suggest to our users is the Pelican ProGear 45QT Elite Cooler, which offers you with an appropriate storage capacity at 45-quarts. This internal volume is going to appropriate for a long-weekend trip and the dark yellow exteriors makes the cooler really eye-catching.

If you aren’t satisfied with the 45-quart option and want more capacity, then the Pelican 150-Quart ProGear Elite Cooler is going to be the cooler that will match each and every need of yours. This cooler is going to be capable of stocking and keeping the foods and beverages cool even for a weekend long trips with friends and family. Apart from all that, it has been covered with a lifetime warranty from Pelican, which further guarantees that you won’t come across any kind of problem after the purchase.

The Best Pelican Coolers Comparison Table

Why should you Choose Pelican Coolers above other Alternatives?

Pelican is a first-class brand that provides amazing capability owing to the superior materials and best built-up.  They don’t offer a large diversity of coolers and are characteristically proposed for bigger trips, often alfresco, that is going to theoretically compel days of cooling desires when kept in the extreme settings.  But, they also provide a few minor choices that can serve you for a smaller outing.  Whilst being pricey, these coolers are really well-manufactured and are an amazing investment, offering the best specs and features which have been discussed below.


Pelican identifies what tough really is.  They provide a few of the strongest defensive cases all over the world and several of those qualities they passed on to the Pelican coolers. Owing to this, you distinguish that while you have a Pelican Cooler you will have something that is going to capable of standing the toughest of conditions and won’t break whilst it falls, hits something, or trodden.

Extra Dense Polyethylene

The Pelican coolers comprise of the 2-inch polyurethane insulation. The Polyethylene is a really strong solid that might be able to handle powerful loads, grazes, penetrations, and everything else that it might come across.  Having the 2-inch thick insulation, it is the densest within the whole industry.

Stainless Steel Hardware

Every single part of metal that is discovered on these coolers has been built using stainless steel.  This signifies that you don’t require worrying about feeble plastic apparatuses breaking or oxidization that might be seen in remaining kinds of metal.  Further, the metal provides an even specialized and top-class appearance.

Single Piece Hinge

These coolers offer a hinge system, which are one among the majorly significant elements found on it and one that has a straight upshot on its ice retention and performance.  While any hinge miscarries, the cover might not be able to close correctly, and the cooler then turns out to be nothing but a costly box of plastic. The coolers from Pelican comprises of a solo-piece stainless steel bar that is implanted inside a shaped channel inside the polyurethane insulation.  This not just offers a protected and secure site for the center to rest but moreover assists to keep it lined up and diminishes the probability of it coming out or twisting in case the cooler falls or something hits the box.

Amazing Ice Retention

Pelican boastfully states that they offer the finest ice retention performance inside the industry, which is a really big claim, seeing a few of their strong rivalry.  As per their website, the Pelican coolers are able to keep the ice for as long as 10 days in standard settings.

Extra Thick Insulation

Like it has been discussed previously, Pelican makes use of tremendously thick 2-inch insulation walls inside their coolers.  Not just does it have a pleasant outcome on the durability of the coolers but it further importantly supports the ice life.  Within thinner models, the cold air might simply leak right over the insulation walls, even though there is a decent cap amid the base and the lid.  By making use of really thick walls on each side of the cooler, Pelican makes sure that the plain smallest amount of cold air is going to drip through the walls whilst still creating a cooler that is adept of being carried and moved from place to place.

High-Grade Gasket

A gasket or lining is a tremendously vital constituent of a cooler, since it generates the essential seal amid the casing and the lid.  Lacking a decent seal, the cold air might easily leak through the breach, raiding your cooler of ice retention.  Pelican makes use of an enormous, high-class rubber gasket or lining that is introduced about a molded-in channel underneath the cover.  Making use of the press- pull latches generates lots of squeeze over the base of the cooler, offering a close-fitting seal that remains like that for a long period of time.

So, these were some of the aspects that generally attract the users to buy the Pelican coolers of their budget or requirement owing to their amazing built-quality, best ice retention in the whole cooler industry, and the lifetime warranty offered by Pelican to its users.

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