Top 5 Best Taiga Coolers to Buy Online in 2018 – Reviews & Price List

Do you need an ice chest or cooler for your next outing with friends? Here we are reviewing the Best Taiga Coolers that are going to help you keep your drinks, foods, and beverages cool for a really longer period of time owing to the amazing ice retention performance and many other beneficial features to watch out for. All the Taiga Coolers that we have reviewed down here are the top-notch units and are much-popular in the market. So, if you want to buy a decent cooler at reasonable price, opting for one of these Taiga Coolers is the best thing you can do for saving money and getting the best deal.

Not only for the outdoor parties with friends and family you might as well set up this cooler while partying in your backyard on the weekends, for tailgating, and all alone for fishing as well. So, go through all our reviews and choose the best Taiga cooler as per your budget and requirement.

Taiga Coolers Leak Proof 55 Quart Desert Camo Cooler

This 55-quart cooler from Taiga is the consumer’s favorite choice owing to its optimum capacity and stress-free transportability. This cooler has been constructed making use of the injection formed polypropylene. This cooler is resilient to the UV rays, profoundly insulated, and provides an everlasting limited lifetime warranty together with a 60-day money back assurance without asking a single question. The hard-wearing, marine-rating nylon cord handles allow you to effortlessly drag the cooler.

best taiga coolers


  • Comprises of 3 sections to keep different sort of items
  • Comes with big dual drain plugs to keep spillage at bay
  • Seamless lid gasket for amazing ice retention performance
  • The cooler is fully leak-proof for an enhanced performance
  • Aluminum hinge rod safeguards the incorporated self-stopping cover

Taiga Coolers Leak Proof 88 Quart White Cooler

The Taiga 88-Quart cooler has been intended making use of the additional length as well as height for loading the meat and drinks in to retain the ice icy for the extended drag or any sort of fishing. It comprises of 2 rod holders incorporated into this cooler together with the 3 long-lasting, UV resilient rubber fasteners and a unified leak resistant, one piece gasket. Taiga has constructed this cooler to move inside contentedly inside the boat or your car.

best taiga cooler to buy online


  • Comes with the capability to hold dry ice & keep the BBQ hot
  • Comprises of long-lasting marine-grade nylon rope handles
  • Offers 4 hydro-turf high-class traction feet to keep it stable
  • Made up of injection-molded polypropylene for high-performance
  • Covered with 60-day money back guarantee and a lifetime warranty

Taiga Coolers Leak Proof 27 Quart Pink Cooler

This Taiga 27-Quart Cooler is the finest individual cooler that has the capability to ice-down your favored food and beverages all throughout the course of the day at the backyards or whilst you are out travelling the great gardens. This minor, everlasting individual cooler turns it pretty easy carry or transport. This Taiga 27-Quart Cooler comprises of 2 tie-down spaces together with the Hydro-Turf high-class adhesion feet to keep your cooler stable when you are at the lake or camping.

best taiga coolers online


  • Comprises of seamless lid gasket for maximum ice life
  • Constructed with the FDA-compliant polypropylene for food contact
  • Offers two distinct and secure tie-downs on either sides of the cooler
  • Comes with 2 long-lasting UV protected lid latches for strong sealing
  • Perfectly leak-proof to assist the user while carrying the cooler

Taiga Coolers Leak Proof 88 Quart Woodland Camo Cooler

Are you a really fond of going on long-trips with your friends or family? If yes, this 88-quart cooler from Taiga is going to be the best cooler for you owing to its abundant capacity and the long-lasting cooling performance. This Taiga Cooler of bigger dual drain plugs due to which you may easily get that water out of the cooler deprived of the need to tilt it. The whole casing of this cooler is completely leak-proof and also comprises of 3 different sections for beverages of your choice.

top rated taiga cooler online


  • The ideal cooler for the fishing trip or any long haul
  • Comes covered with the limited lifetime warranty
  • Developed with heavy insulation and injection molded polypropylene
  • Comprises of 2 tie-down slots to keep you cooler secure during long trips
  • 4 Hydro-Turf top-class traction feet doesn’t let the cooler slip or slide

Taiga 27-Quart Tan Cooler

This 27-quart cooler from taiga comprises of the leak-resistant, settled, unified lid gasket that merges together with the ribbed air flow wall to seal the cover for thoroughgoing ice retention. It comes with the aluminum hinge rod that safeguards the joined self-stopping cover couple up with 2-secure tie downs on both the sides. Further, the cooler had been constructed using the long-lasting FDA compliant food-grade material named polypropylene to keep the food and beverages safe for eating.

taiga cooler to buy online


  • Comprises of the aluminum hinge rod that keeps the cooler intact
  • Constructed using the food-grade FDA compliant polypropylene
  • Comes with long-lasting UV-protected lid latches for string sealing
  • Offers an adequate capacity of 27-quarts for small trips & tailgates
  • Provides ridged air-flow barrier for maximum ice retention

Personal Recommendation

Here we are after reviewing all the finest models from the Taiga Coolers range, comprising of the most advanced models that provide you with the best of specifications as well as ice retaining performance. Owing to this listing that we have provided here, it would be really simple and modest for all our customers to choose one out of the above reviewed models. This will further help you to screen the cooler model as per your needs and budget as well.

best taiga coolers

If in case, there still are a few customers who aren’t able to pick out which Taiga Cooler they must opt for, then they must go with our personal suggestion for sure. The Taiga cooler that we are going to recommend to our users is the Taiga Coolers Leak Proof 55 Quart Desert Camo Cooler, which is available in a pretty amazing desert camouflage color along with several amazing features. With this cooler, you would get a really decent and appropriate 55-Quart storage capacity coupled up with a no questions asked 60-day money back cash-back guarantee and a limited lifetime warranty as well.

So, if you aren’t certain about which Taiga Cooler you must buy, then go with our personal recommendation and we are certain about the fact that you won’t come across any kind of a problem or dissatisfaction with the fabulous customer service that the company offers.

The Best Taiga Coolers To Buy Online

Product NamePrice (in $)Storage Capacity (in Quarts)Buy Now
339 55
339 88
169.95 27
419 88
239 27

Why Should You Purchase a Taiga Cooler Having Other Options?

Similarly as we had stated before, one among the largest pulls of this product is that they’re a minor time, American possessed and functioned establishment that might be regarding dedicated hunters and fishermen on a national scale. These people know their products, and they’ve certainly devoted sufficient time in the outdoors and at the waters to distinguish what you want in a nice and decent cooler.

Not astonishingly, Taiga is truly attaining a really hefty support in the South – particularly in Texas, which is their native place – and it’s accurate that ever more people are viewing to provide support to the minor, ordinary brands such as them in place of the bigger names in the industry, subcontracted profiteers such as the Engel, YETI, and RTIC.

Keeping the performance in mind, you are going to discover pretty fast that the Taiga coolers are at the top with the most advanced coolers, and you do not require having any doubts that they are going to accomplish too and/or embrace ice for a really extended time as compared to anything available in the market as of now.

Similarly, while you provide the backing to a minor brand such as Taiga, you might respite guaranteed that customer facility is going to be the best. Every single Taiga cooler comprises of the Full Lifetime Warranty and Taiga further functions by way of a minor warehouse in Dallas, Texas – there’s perhaps not a really hefty line-up of people that supervise the entire process.

Performance, Design, and Construction

As we stated before, Taiga coolers are going to grip their personal competition alongside the major rotomold brands present on the market. In actual fact, we are truly going to endeavor to state that they’re further hard-wearing when compared to the names like Pelican, YETI, and K2. For proof, have you in any case witnessed a YETI cooler endure a drop from an aircraft? Or be hauled after an ATV by a group of unruly youngsters and appear unharmed?

It marks real intellect that the Taiga coolers are grander as compared to the other brands when taking durability into consideration, provided that the casing has been gusset-armored and they offer denser insulation as compared to the YETI coolers.

Currently to the extent that ice retention is concerned, we haven’t taken a gamble to perform any sort of one-on-one contests, but we distinguish for a statistic that the 3” R5 insulation fluff they utilize has been rated to retain the ice for a period of nearly 7 days, but this is going to characteristically be much extended beneath the halfway standard weather situations.

Features, Price, and Materials

Every single Taiga cooler has been produced using a food-mark, FDA-compliant polypropylene, and the injection molded casing of every cooler is ASTM verified for power and toughness necessities.

Considering the price, Taiga offers a really fanciful cost taking their toughness and complete performance into consideration. They’re considerably inexpensive as compared to YETI’s on the ‘price-per-quart’ base, and they accompany a 60-day cash back assurance with ‘no questions asked’ along with their limited lifetime warranty.

Further, as we stated before they’ve possibly got the finest modification program we’ve witnessed ever; the multi-color camouflage twirls are their most prevalent custom product, but you might become as crazy as you need to and obtain whatever sort of modified design that glides your ferry, comprising of exchanging the Taiga symbol out with a customized personal symbol. And what’s actually amazing is that any two Taiga ice chests are similar – in case you obtain a camouflage swirl or modifies color way, you’re definite to obtain a 100% exceptional, unique ice cooler.


Taiga further comprises of a nice assortment of accessories, having all ranging from the detachable bait platters to padded rotate seats obtainable for the extended hours expended sitting in your backyards. They’ve further offered all the customary frills such as the section dividers, outside cargo nets, and tie-down slots.


Taiga presently provides a 27, 55, and 88-quart coolers to the users. All the sizes are available in-stock and willingly obtainable in customary white, tan, or woodland camouflage color schemes, but in case you purchase the customized models it is going to take nearly 12-days to get the cooler delivered. Additionally, you may also consider those wild color ways such as the pink 27-quart cooler, as they are going to come up time and again on online shopping sites for a really low cost.

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