Yeti vs. RTIC Cooler – The Crucial & Decisive Buyer’s Guide

The RTIC Coolers come up to make quite a hype in the recent times within the news owing to their lordly assertions that they will be able to keep up in case not outstrip the cooler cavalcade that are namely the Yeti Cooler.  Thus, while likening the RTIC Coolers alongside the Yeti Coolers, which one is going to win the battle?  This all-encompassing article is going to discuss both the company’s main products and equate several metrics among the two.  We are going to discuss the benefits and disadvantages of every single product and assist you in coming to the best choice for your individual requirements.

But prior to getting into the products head on comparison, we are going to provide you with introduction to both the companies and the products they have in the market.

RTIC Coolers – Introduction

RTIC Coolers are comparatively fresher, with the corporation coming to the market in the year 2014.  Their commercial methodology is exceptional in that they have appeared to focus it on contending straight with Yeti.  Actually, they have intended several of their products on the specification grounds with Yeti, which they afterwards promote as being capable of selling at a reasonable price below to the Yeti counterparts.  In spite of their current lawsuit, it then also seems that they have seized inspiration from Yeti coolers and other top cooler products.  As per their website, they are capable of providing much inexpensive prices since they evade the customary cooler delivery channel, which removes several middlemen which might take the costs up.  It further signifies that RTIC need to depend heavily on the mouth’s word as they aren’t marketed in the customary big box shops.

RTIC Hard Coolers

The hard or the rotomolded coolers from RTIC don’t offer an extravagant name and are just known as the Roto-molded coolers.  They currently offer 5 different sizes, stretching from the transportable 20 size to the larger 145 size ones.  Yet again, they planned these sizes about contending with the analogous Yeti capacities with the comparable name or title.  Though, they have freshly modernized their intentions according to the necessities of their grievance with Yeti.  Startlingly, they are so far to produce some more capacities as well. It seems that in any case currently they are running on the minor to average capacity hard-sided coolers but this is going to change soon.  Presently, Yeti is just going to suggestively show up in their size choices by means of their massive Tundra 210.

RTIC Soft Pack Coolers

The soft pack coolers or the soft-sided units are known as the SoftPak coolers and, close to their roto-molded coolers, are offered having capacities that are envisioned to straight contest with Yeti’s Hopper.  They moreover offer the compressed lunch box destined for a much smaller outing.  The design schemes have freshly been simplified not to be like the Yeti models.  One more significant note is that they have further freshly marketed some of the portable soft packs that are planned to embrace small things and retain a waterproof setting for those.  These are known as the Small SidePacks or generally the SidePack.  They have not been intended to stock cold items or ice so they are not going to be deliberated in the ice tests.

RTIC Drinkware

RTIC manufactures a diversity of drinkware coolers that comprise their transportable tumblers ranging to the insulated bottles.  They have been marketed and targeted as being capable of competing with the Yeti drinkware models in every single size and shape.  We are then also anticipating the remaining RTIC’s latest drinkware products to come to the party and are going to continue updating the images while they do.  After all that has been said, we might be able to state that there is a bigger listing of drinkware capacities, predominantly in the flask group.  Moreover, a few of the RTIC’s unique sizes might be focusing on a renovation too so the design scheme might get changed a bit.

Yeti Coolers – Introduction

Yeti is debatably the majorly prevalent superior cooler collection presently in the market.  This company was established in the year 2006 in Austin, Texas and from that time they have not looked back and taken the cooler business by larger margins.  One among their biggest target onlookers is the outdoor buffs, who characteristically are searching for a cooler that is together sufficiently tough to overpower the abrasion and further require a cooler with enormously lengthy ice retention performance.

Yeti provides a bigger variety of cooler capacities, mutually in the hard and soft coolers.  Additionally, they have further stretched to counting the drink wear, ice buckets, and several other gears.  Though, for the tenacity of this post, we are going to center solely on the products that are keeping things cold!

It seems that with the current announcement of RTIC’s firsthand roster, Yeti has begun to enlarge their lineup to sustain on top.  A few novel capacities in their drinkware lineup and soft pack coolers are being designed and/or have been marketed and are available in the market!

Yeti Hard Coolers

The hard coolers from Yeti are available in two names which are namely the Tundra Series and the Roadie Series.  The Roadie lineup has been intended for minor hangouts where solidity and portability is a higher priority as compared to the storage capacity and exploiting the ice retention.  On the other hand, the Tundra Series is their bigger cooler which comprises of an extensive range in terms of capacity from really small one to the heftier models.  Yeti has held this listing for quite a long time now and for a respectable reason: it endures to be one among the most extensive hard listings as per the capacities are concerned.

Yeti Soft Pack Coolers

Yeti’s innovative soft-sided or Soft Pack Coolers are known as the Hopper. They have subsequently prolonged this title into 2 different groups that are namely Hopper Flip and Hopper Two.  The Hopper Two is the bigger, more robust lineup having a zip-open entrance whilst the Flip is minor and offers a flip-open lid resembling the classic lunch boxes.  2 out of these 3 sizes from the lineup of Hopper Flip have been directed to be marketed soon and we suspect that the manufacture of these is owing to the advanced opposition from RTIC.  As they don’t possess solid plastic walls, the Hopper coolers are really light, compact, and expedient as compared to the customary hard coolers.  But, this comes up at the expense of taking smaller ice life and moreover not being rather that strong.  Similarly, it is to be noted that as far as ice retention and toughness is concerned, we perceive no chief variances among the customary Hopper and the fresher Hopper Two.

Yeti Drinkware

Yeti further manufactures the dedicated drinkware that is planned to retain the hot liquids hot and the cold ones cold as per your requirement might be.  They offer an extensive range of capacities too, which ranges from the minor units envisioned to hold a cup of coffee or tea and not more to bigger flasks and jugs that might be able to hold near about gallon of the liquid you want.  They freshly marketed some supplementary capacities in their drinkware lineup, counting the gallon or half a gallon vessels.

RTIC Cooler vs. Yeti Coolers – Comparison

There is a wide range of parameters on which we might be able to compare the coolers from the two brands. The aspects for comparison of the two brands have been discussed below:


Yeti has been significantly prevalent for the diversity of quality features that it comprises that assist in turning it into a solid candidate in any setting.  Further than this, they possess a lot of familiarity in contending with the roto-molded construction and owing to their storage capacity they might be easily used outside to discover the finest materials.

Ice Retention

Evidently one among the majorly significant aspects, this signifies how long the ice put inside is going to be present within the cooler.  Prior to analyzing these coolers we previously distinguished that both must be having an extraordinary ice life, but we were further apprehensive about how they achieved results when compared.  Will the RTIC’s effort to compete with Yeti’s quality framing and materials be successful or will there be a few curtails that were done for pricing resolves that would put an impact on the ice retention?  Further, to turn the things dependable, we have stuck to call it “ice life” also in situations where the ice might even be there like the Yeti Colster and RTIC Can, which is going to in its place emphasize on conserving the cold inside the bottle or the can that they have held.


Either you get it or not, the superior coolers have turned out to be a kind of grade symbol in the outside world, and several people tend to pompously bragger their choice of cooler while being at the event.  Owing to this, the aesthetics genuinely piece a vital role while people are bearing in mind what ice chest they must opt for.

Size Range

We sense the feeling that the additional sizes that are available the healthier it is going to be.  There are going to be people who just require a compact-small cooler whilst some other people might want to purchase as big as obtainable to gratify an event or tailgate.


This is usually the further major aspect that plays a vital role while buying or opting for a quality cooler or any other item in overall actually.  Whilst the RTIC turns it plainly obvious that they are the further reasonably priced choice, did they require taking some curtails to offer or get that power performance?

Company Status

In case the time arrives where you require contacting the producer for whatsoever reason, how effectively are they going to respond to your query?  In case of damage to the cooler you bought, are they going to cover it?  For how long will they be able to cover it?  Whilst you are splurging this amount of money on a cooler you need to opt for a company that is going to offer support for their product, and that too interminably.

Now, as you might be introduced with the aspects that you need to consider while choosing you cooler as well as the brands namely Yeti and RTIC, we must consider performing product-to-product head on comparison taking some of the important specs into consideration.

Yeti Roadie 20 vs. RTIC 20 (Ice-Retention)



The RTIC 20 has been intended to contest with its counterpart that is the Yeti Roadie 20, but it essentially is somewhat bigger, letting in an ice capacity of 25 pounds in place of 20.  Whilst additional amount of ice must offer the product with longer ice life, theoretically, the minor overall size grades in a really similar ice life rates during the period of 4 days.

Yeti Roadie 20

This cooler from Yeti is the cooler that possess abundance of familiarity with.  Owing to its comparatively small capacity, it is going to offer slightly minor ice retention as compared to its large off springs but taking its premium edifice and really thick padding for this size into consideration you would certainly have amazing performance.  In this size of a cooler, we have perceived nearly 4 days of ice retention.

Yeti Tundra 65 vs. RTIC 65 (Ice-Retention)


This is the biggest capacity cooler that RTIC provides within the range of hard coolers, and it essentially comes to being a really bigger cooler as compared to the Yeti Tundra 65 even though it has the similar capacity in terms of the name.  Actually, it might be able to hold at least 13 pounds ice more.  It is the main aspect why it has pulled away from its Yeti counterpart for this capacity.  Precisely, we have realized its ice retention to be nearly 8 days or even more at times.

Yeti Tundra 65

The yeti Tundra 65 is one more step ahead as far as size of the Tundra 45 is concerned, but it is going to look pretty akin.  It employs 56 pounds of ice in along with its dense shielded walls and quality module to provide an imposing 7 days of ice retention.

Yeti Hopper 30 vs. RTIC SoftPak 30 (Ice-Retention)

RTIC SoftPak 30

Once more, the solitary real variance among both the coolers is that the RTIC might be able to grasp additional cans but the quantity of ice that it might be able to hold is similar at 30 pounds.  Comparable build superiority and elements further offer ice retention of nearly 3 to 4 days.

Yeti Hopper 30

The Yeti Hopper 30 is the average size that Yeti markets in their soft pack lineup, and by enhancing the comparative volume fairly a bit as compared to the Hopper 20, they are capable of fitting an additional 10 pounds of ice in the pack.  This knocks up the ice retention to a 12 to 24 hours mark, signifying that you must be able to get nearly 3 to 4 days.

Yeti Rambler 64 Bottle vs. RTIC 64 oz. Bottle (Ice-Retention)

RTIC 64 oz. Bottle

Without any doubts, the RTIC imitates Yeti’s methodology just about exactly, from the kind of stuff utilized ranging to the creation.  Owing to thi, you might similarly expect just about 24 hours of ice retention.

Yeti Rambler 64 Bottle

This bottle is Yeti’s biggest rambler as of now, offering a massive 64 ounces.  In spite of being almost 4 times as big as the tiniest size, it slants things very correspondingly with the utilization of quality stainless steel and providing dual vacuum padding.  Moreover also you might be able to presume nearly 24 hours of optimum heating or cooling routine using this rambler.

So, these were some of the products that we wanted to compare owing to the demand of the users. This comparison cum buying guide is certainly going to help our customers come to a decision as to which cooler they must opt for while hitting the market to buy one. In case, if still there are a few customers that are finding it tough to come to concords as far as the choice of cooler is concerned, them they must surely add in a comment below so that we can simplify or resolve your query a bit.


The significant information that several folks try to find whilst purchasing new products like a cooler, is the provided warranty. In case anything goes wrong, it’s pleasant knowing that you may swiftly exchange a faulty product. This is one more area where the 2 cooler brands contrast. The warranty offered by the RTIC Coolers is a bit confusing. They provide a 30-day return period, but it requires being in unspoiled, fresh condition when it is received. The warranty return is the aspect where it becomes a touch confusing since they don’t really inform about the guidelines. In case you pitch for a warranty exchange/ return owing to the manufacturer’s faults, but in case they consider the flaw as not being covered in warranty, they will be charging you for that. On the contrary, YETI comes in with lot superior warranty coordination ready. They provide the standard 5-year limited warranty to underwrite any defect from their side. In case by any chance, an article is impaired whilst it was being shipped, you should instantaneously return that cooler in its original packing to be entitled to an exchange. In spite of the amazing warranty, they also stand-in the right to decline warranty if they resolve whatever defect you are acquiescing for was your mistake.

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